Viki Scudiery

Viki Scudiery's confident cd Gemini awakens the spirit with soulful vocals, jazzy electronic arrangements, and searing guitars. Spiritual rhythms with an addictive rock edge create hypnotic rock. The cd is on Blue Leopard Label LLC. and can be purchased on

About Myself

June 12, 19…..….first wailings….music to my parents’ ears.
My first venue: the Edison, N.J. apartment where I reside with mom and dad. A rendition of “Knick Knack Paddywack” followed two years later by a kick-ass remake of Peggy Lee’s “Fever” brings a round of deafening applause from two proud parents.
Sadly, mom thought I should follow in her footsteps and set my sights on Broadway. Dad, on the other hand, knew that my paternally inherited vocal talents would rival old blue eyes.
I ultimately opted for neither.
My father’s disappointment with my pre-teen obsession with rock bands was further exacerbated by numerous humiliating experiences while taking me to an endless stream of rock concerts: his honesty questioned when his camera was confiscated on countless occasions, his dignity robbed through repeated exposure to Rock Star butts, his masculinity challenged when engine problems left us stranded freezing in the parking lot of the Meadowlands Arena, and his patience tested during the three hour ride back home with a car load of slap happy pre-pubescent teens.
Always incredibly supportive, my parents let me find my way. Eventually as I got older my job would take me traveling all over the world. I discovered so much about myself through meeting all kinds of wonderful people, developing beautiful relationships, and learning about different cultures. I am grateful to that job because it allowed me to discover who I truly am. It brought spirituality into my life. Through these intense spiritual awakenings and powerful connections with some magnificent souls, my own music started to pour through me. I couldn’t even understand it at first. I didn’t know where it was coming from, but the words and melody just flowed through me…..pure magic.
It wasn’t until 2001, when I experienced a life altering tragedy, that I decided it was time for me to fulfill my heart’s deepest desires. Music is a miracle. Music is food for the soul. It is my greatest wish that in my joy I offer joy to you through my music. May it touch your soul and awaken your spirit.